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GrainGenes Keyword Report: a-factor

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ReferenceKini KR et al. (2002) Genetic variation in Fusarium moniliforme isolated from seeds of different host species from Burkina Faso based on random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis Journal of Phytopathology 150:209-212.
ReferenceKosted PJ et al. (2002) Pheromone-related inhibitors of Ustilago hordei mating and Tilletia tritici teliospore germination Phytopathology 92:210-216.
ReferenceSreenivasulu N et al. (2002) Identification of genes specifically expressed in maternal and filial tissues of barley caryopses: A cDNA array analysis Molecular Genetics and Genomics 266:758-767.
ReferenceMayer K and Mewes HW (2002) How can we deliver the large plant genomes? Strategies and perspectives Current Opinion in Plant Biology 5:173-177.