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GrainGenes Keyword Report: g x e interaction

g x e interaction
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ReferenceMatus-Cadiz MA et al. (2003) Genotype X environment interaction for grain color in hard white spring wheat Crop Science 43:219-226.
ReferencePrasad M et al. (2003) QTL analysis for grain protein content using SSR markers and validation studies using NILs in bread wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106:659-667.
ReferenceBudak H et al. (2003) Genetic and environmental effects on dough mixing characteristics and agronomic performance of diverse hard red winter wheat genotypes Cereal Chemistry 80:518-523.
ReferenceAsins MJ (2002) Present and future of quantitative trait locus analysis in plant breeding Plant Breeding 121:281-291.
ReferenceGallagher LW and Moktar LB (2001) Inheritance of heading time in spring barley evaluated in multiple environments Plant Breeding 120:209-215.
ReferenceMolina-Cano JL et al. (2001) Relationships between barley hordeins and malting quality in a mutant of cv. triumph I. Genotype by environment interaction of hordein content Journal of Cereal Science 34:285-294.
ReferenceIvandic V et al. (2000) Phenotypic responses of wild barley to experimentally imposed water stress Journal of Experimental Botany 51:2021-2029.