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GrainGenes Keyword Report: ga response

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ga response
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ReferenceEllis MH et al. (2004) The effect of different height reducing genes on the early growth of wheat Functional Plant Biology 31:583-589.
ReferenceMcCubbin AG et al. (2004) The calcium-dependent protein kinase HvCDPK1 mediates the gibberellic acid response of the barley aleurone through regulation of vacuolar function Plant Journal 39:206-218.
ReferenceChen PW et al. (2002) Rice a-amylase transcriptional enhancers direct multiple mode regulation of promoters in transgenic rice Journal of Biological Chemistry 277:13641-13649.
ReferenceFridborg I et al. (2001) The Arabidopsis protein SHI represses gibberellin responses in Arabidopsis and barley Plant Physiology 127:937-948.
ReferenceWorland AJ et al. (2001) Allelic variation at the dwarfing gene Rht8 locus and its significance in international breeding programmes. Euphytica 119:155-159.