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GrainGenes Keyword Report: gamete

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ReferenceBrueggeman R et al. (2002) The barley stem rust-resistance gene Rpg1 is a novel disease-resistance gene with homology to receptor kinases Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 99:9328-9333.
ReferenceQu L and Hancock JF (2002) Pitfalls of genetic analysis using a doubled-haploid backcrossed to its parent Theoretical and Applied Genetics 105:392-396.
ReferenceYumaguzhin MS and Fatkhutdinova RA (2002) Pattern of formation of nuclear chromosomal apparatus after remote hybridization of wheat and buckwheat: Effect of low temperature Biology Bulletin 29:360-366.
ReferenceMasoudi-Nejad A et al. (2002) Transfer of rye chromosome segments to wheat by a gametocidal system Chromosome Research 10:349-357.
ReferenceRefoufi A et al. (2001) Genome analysis of a natural hybrid with 2n=63 chromosomes in the genus Elytrigia Desv. (Poaceae) using the GISH technique Plant Biology 3:386-390.