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GrainGenes Keyword Report: gametocidal chromosome

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gametocidal chromosome
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ReferenceYuan JH et al. (2003) Development of Triticum aestivum-Leymus racemosus translocation lines using gametocidal chromosomes Science in China Series C-Life Sciences 46:522-530.
ReferenceMasoudi-Nejad A et al. (2002) Transfer of rye chromosome segments to wheat by a gametocidal system Chromosome Research 10:349-357.
ReferenceSerizawa N et al. (2001) Deletion-based physical mapping of barley chromosome 7H Theoretical and Applied Genetics 103:827-834.
ReferenceFriebe B et al. (2001) Chromosome healing by addition of telomeric repeats in wheat occurs during the first mitotic divisions of the sporophyte and is a gradual process Chromosome Research 9:137-146.
ReferenceShi F and Endo TR (2000) Genetic induction of chromosomal rearrangements in barley chromosome 7H added to common wheat Chromosoma 109:358-363.