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GrainGenes Keyword Report: gamma rays

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gamma rays
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ReferenceKim DS et al. (2004) AEC resistant rice mutants induced by gamma-ray irradiation may include both elevated lysine production and increased activity of stress related enzymes Plant Science 167:305-316.
ReferenceBudak N and Yildirim MB (2002) Heritability, correlation and genetic gains obtained in the populations of Ege 88 and Kunduru durum wheats irradiated with gamma rays Cereal Research Communications 30:47-53.
ReferenceNeto AT et al. (2001) Evaluation of 'Anahuac' wheat mutant lines for aluminum tolerance. Euphytica 120:339-343.
ReferenceKhan AJ et al. (2001) Haploidy breeding and mutagenesis for drought tolerance in wheat. Euphytica 120:409-414.