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GrainGenes Keyword Report: gamma-zein

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ReferenceZhang Y et al. (2003) Expression of the gamma-zein protein of maize in seeds of transgenic barley: effects on grain composition and properties Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106:1139-1146.
ReferenceLandry J (2003) Quantitation of zeins from the lysine content of grain, endosperm and glutelins of maize Maydica 48:39-54.
ReferenceRance I et al. (2002) Combination of viral promoter sequences to generate highly active promoters for heterologous therapeutic protein over-expression in plants Plant Science 162:833-842.
ReferenceKogan MJ et al. (2001) Self-assembly of the amphipathic helix (VHLPPP)(8). A mechanism for zein protein body formation Journal of Molecular Biology 312:907-913.