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GrainGenes Keyword Report: jasmonic-acid

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ReferenceChaudhry B et al. (1994) The barley 60 kDa jasmonate-induced protein (JIP60) is a novel ribosome-inactivating protein The Plant Journal 6:815-824.
ReferenceWasternack C et al. (1994) Ursolic acid inhibits synthesis of jasmonate-induced proteins in barley leaves Phytochemistry 35:49-54.
ReferenceReinbothe S et al. (1993) Methyl jasmonate-regulated translation of nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins in barley (Hordeum vulgare L cv Salome) Journal of Biological Chemistry 268:10606-10611.
ReferenceReinbothe S et al. (1993) Methyl jasmonate represses translation initiation of a specific set of mRNAs in barley The Plant Journal 4:459-467.