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GrainGenes Keyword Report: rymovirus

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ReferenceChoi IR et al. (2002) Mapping of the P1 proteinase cleavage site in the polyprotein of Wheat streak mosaic virus (genus Tritimovirus) Journal of General Virology 83:443-450.
ReferenceRabenstein F et al. (2002) Phylogenetic relationships, strain diversity and biogeography of tritimoviruses Journal of General Virology 83:895-906.
ReferenceChoi IR et al. (2001) Contributions of genetic drift and negative selection on the evolution of three strains of wheat streak mosaic tritimovirus - Brief report Archives of Virology 146:619-628.
ReferenceChen J and Adams MJ (2001) A universal PCR primer to detect members of the Potyviridae and its use to examine the taxonomic status of several members of the family Archives of Virology 146:757-766.