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GrainGenes Keyword Report: saccharomyces

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ReferenceTilley M (2004) PCR amplification of wheat sequences from DNA extracted during milling and baking Cereal Chemistry 81:44-47.
ReferenceChapman BA et al. (2004) A comparative phylogenetic approach for dating whole genome duplication events Bioinformatics 20:180-185.
ReferenceMey G et al. (2002) The biotrophic, non-appressorium-forming grass pathogen Claviceps purpurea needs a Fus3/Pmk1 homologous mitogen-activated protein kinase for colonization of rye ovarian tissue Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 15:303-312.
ReferenceLangeveld SMJ et al. (2002) Glucosylation activity and complex formation of two classes of reversibly glycosylated polypeptides Plant Physiology 129:278-289.
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ReferenceBohnert HJ et al. (2001) A genomics approach towards salt stress tolerance Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 39:295-311.
ReferenceAmtmann A et al. (2001) The wheat cDNA LCT1 generates hypersensitivity to sodium in a salt-sensitive yeast strain Plant Physiology 126:1061-1071.
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ReferenceCarraro DM et al. (2001) In silico characterization and expression analyses of sugarcane putative sucrose non-fermenting-1 (SNF1) related kinases Genetics and Molecular Biology 24:35-41.
ReferenceFonseca GV et al. (2001) Sugarcane genes related to mitochondrial function Genetics and Molecular Biology 24:175-181.
ReferenceCorsetti A et al. (2001) Phenotypic and molecular identification and clustering of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts from wheat (species Triticum durum and Triticum aestivum) sourdoughs of Southern Italy International Journal of Food Microbiology 64:95-104.
ReferenceOrbach MJ et al. (2000) A telomeric avirulence gene determines efficacy for the rice blast resistance gene Pi-ta Plant Cell 12:2019-2032.