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GrainGenes Keyword Report: zinc deficiency

zinc deficiency
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ReferenceLombnaes P and Singh BR (2003) Varietal tolerance to zinc deficiency in wheat and barely grown in chelator-buffered nutrient solution and its effect on uptake of Cu, Fe, and Mn Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 166:76-83.
ReferenceGenc Y et al. (2003) Inheritance of tolerance to zinc deficiency in barley Plant Breeding 122:283-284.
ReferenceTolay I et al. (2001) Phytosiderophore release in Aegilops tauschii and Triticum species under zinc and iron deficiencies Journal of Experimental Botany 52:1093-1099.
ReferenceCakmak O et al. (2001) Tolerance of 65 durum wheat genotypes of zinc deficiency in a calcareous soil Journal of Plant Nutrition 24:1831-1847.