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GrainGenes Keyword Report: zea anthin

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zea anthin
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ReferencePeng CL et al. (2002) Correlation between photoinhibition sensitivity and the rates and relative extents of xanthophyll cycle de-epoxidation in chlorina mutants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Photosynthetica 40:503-508.
ReferenceAgrawal GK et al. (2001) Screening of the rice viviparous mutants generated by endogenous retrotransposon Tos17 insertion. Tagging of a zeaxanthin epoxidase gene and a novel OsTATC gene Plant Physiology 125:1248-1257.
ReferenceKrol M et al. (1999) Greening under high light or cold temperature affects the level of xanthophyll-cycle pigments, early light-inducible proteins, and light-harvesting polypeptides in wild-type barley and the Chlorina f2 mutant Plant Physiology 120:193-203.