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GrainGenes Keyword Report: zinc-deficiency

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ReferenceLombnaes P and Singh BR (2003) Varietal tolerance to zinc deficiency in wheat and barely grown in chelator-buffered nutrient solution and its effect on uptake of Cu, Fe, and Mn Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 166:76-83.
ReferenceGenc Y et al. (2003) Inheritance of tolerance to zinc deficiency in barley Plant Breeding 122:283-284.
ReferenceOsborne LD and Rengel Z (2002) Screening cereals for genotypic variation in efficiency of phosphorus uptake and utilisation Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 53:295-303.
ReferenceWelch RM and Graham RD (2002) Breeding crops for enhanced micronutrient content Plant and Soil 245:205-214.