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GrainGenes Locus Report: MWG858

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MWG858  [ Marker Report ]
SynonymPpd-H1 (Hordeum)
Chromosome Arm
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2H-Bin 4
Map Data
Barley consensus
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Associated Gene
Ppd-H1 (Hordeum)
Gene Class
Response to photoperiod
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ReferenceWenzl P et al. (2006) A high-density consensus map of barley linking DArT markers to SSR, RFLP and STS loci and agricultural traits BMC Genomics 7:206.
ReferenceRodriguez M et al. (2006) Integration of retrotransposons-based markers in a linkage map of barley. Molecular Breeding 17:173-184.
ReferenceRostoks N et al. (2005) Genome-wide SNP discovery and linkage analysis in barley based on genes responsive to abiotic stress. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 274:515-527.
ReferenceMesfin A et al. (2003) Quantitative trait loci for fusarium head blight resistance in barley detected in a two-rowed by six-rowed population Crop Science 43:307-318.
ReferenceLi JZ et al. (2003) Development and genetic mapping of 127 new microsatellite markers in barley Theoretical and Applied Genetics 107:1021-1027.
ReferenceLaurie DA et al. (1994) Genetic analysis of a photoperiod response gene on the short arm of chromosome 2(2H) of Hordeum vulgare (barley). Heredity 72:619-627.
Data Source
Blake, Tom05.04.19
Number of populations contributing to the placement of MWG858 in the Barley, Consensus 2006 DArT maps = 1
The MWG858 RFLP/STS is a gene marker for the Ppd-H1 (Hordeum) gene
Bin on the 'Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009' Map Set : 'chromosome_kleinhofs & graner BIN nb.subBIN nb'
Mapping population(s) used for locus placement on the 'Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009' Map Set = Steptoe x Morex,Igri x Franka
Loci in 'Barley, Consensus 2006, Marcel' mapped in population(s) : Steptoe x Morex; Igri x Franka
Possible Orthologs
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