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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, AxK

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Map Data
Barley, AxK
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Hordeum vulgare
Azumamugi (barley)
Kanto Nakate Gold (barley)
Map Units
cM, Kosambi
ReferenceMano Y et al. (2001) Construction of a genetic map of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cross 'Azumamugi' x 'Kanto Nakate Gold' using a simple and efficient amplified fragment-length polymorphism system Genome 44:284-292.
Mano, Yoshiro
Mapping was done on a population of ninety-nine recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of Azumamugi x Kanto Nakate Gold developed from F9 plants of single seed descent.
227 AFLP markers were integrated into a previously reported STS-based map, containing 40 STSs, 3 isozymes and 2 morphological markers. See GrainGenes reference TAG-98-937.
Loci with Error values = 1 are dominant STS markers that were mapped in the F7 generation and placed at approximate positions. Loci with Error values = 2 are 'accessory' markers placed near framework markers, but were not able to be assigned to the framework map.
AFLP markers are designated by the primers, size range and rank of fragment within the range. Size range values are as follows: range 1, > 1114 bp; range 2, 900 - 1114 bp; range 3, 692-900 bp; range 4, 501-692 bp; range 5, 489-501 bp; range 6, 404-489 bp; range 7, 320-404 bp; range 8, 242-320 bp; range 9, 190-242 bp; range 10, 147-190 bp; range 11, 124-147 bp; range 12, 110-124 bp; range 13, 67-110. For example, AFLP named e11m19-10-2 was amplified by the two pcr primers listed on the probe record, and was the second largest band in size range 10 (147-190 bp).
Please note that the AFLP locus names in these maps use the nomenclature from the paper and the probe records reflect the 'standardized' KeyGene nomenclature for AFLP primers. For a complete list of AFLP primers, see http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/ggpages/keygeneAFLPs.html
Data Curator
Hane, David
Carollo, Victoria
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