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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, Nure x Tremois

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Map Data
Barley, Nure x Tremois
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Hordeum vulgare
Female Parent
Nure (barley)
Male Parent
Tremois (barley)
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceFrancia E et al. (2004) Two loci on chromosome 5H determine low-temperature tolerance in a 'Nure' (winter) x 'Tremois' (spring) barley map Theoretical and Applied Genetics 108:670-680.
Pecchioni, Nicola
The NxT genetic map was developed from 118 F1-derived doubled haploid lines generated from a cross between the winter feeding cultivar 'Nure' and the spring malting cultivar 'Tremois'. Initially reported by Francia et al. (2004), the map now comprises 543 DArT, SSR, AFLP loci and is complemented with 35 informative molecular markers on candidate genes known to be involved in the regulation of barley phenology and abiotic stress response. The map is divided into 80 BINs following Aghnoum et al. (2010), and was used to identify QTLs responsible for the adaptation of barley crop to a wide range of Mediterranean environments, in terms of phenology, grain yield and yield components.
Submitted to GrainGenes 03 May 2013.
Mapping scores: Nure = a; Tremois = b; missing data = -
Data Curator
Blake, Victoria CarolloJanuary 2014
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