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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Wheat-2014-Consensus-Ug99-Update

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Map Data
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Triticum aestivum
Triticum turgidum ssp. durum
Aegilops tauschii
Arina (P11)
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ReferenceYu L et al. (2014) A consensus map for Ug99 stem rust resistance loci in wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 127:1561-1581.
Sorrells, Mark E.
Maps in this updated version of the Ug99 Consensus Maps are complete and have chromosome-specific marker annotations where needed. This is an update of Wheat_Consensus_2014_Ug99_Rust. Genes and QTL have been added to these maps to approximate the map in the paper. Originating publications that are reported in Table 1 of TAG-127-1561 have been added to genes, QTL and germplasm records.
Germplasm in this version of the mapdata record have been updated in some cases to reflect the most common (acceptable) form of the name, and that which has the most links in GrainGenes.
The consensus map was built from twenty-four sets of mapping populations: Arina x Forno, HD2009 x WL711, RL6071 x Webster, PBW343 x Kingbird, PBW343 x Kiritaki, PBW343 x Juchi, PBW343 x Huirivis#1, PBW343 x Muu, Avocet x Pavon76, SD1691 x LMPG-6, Norin 40 x LMPG-6, PBW343 x Kenya Nyangumi, PBW343 x Cross Bill, PBW343 x Diniza, PBW343 x Kenya Swara, PBW343 x Kenya Kudu, Avocet x Pavon76, Thatcher x McNeal, Kristal x Sebatel, Sachem x Strongfield, AC Cadillac x Carberry.
Mapping data from germplasm panels were included which contained selections from LD-SRRSN (Spring) and LD-SRRSN (Winter), ESWYT, AM durum panel, and A. tauchii BC2 crosses of KS05HW14 x TA10187 and KS05HW14 x TA10171 with each TA parent.
Data Curator
Blake, Victoria Carollo18.08.30
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