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GrainGenes Map Data Report: 1AS, T.m. G1777 x G2528

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Map Data
1AS, T.m. G1777 x G2528
1AS, T.m. G1777 x G2528
Triticum monococcum
Female Parent
T. monococcum L. ssp. aegilopoides G1777
Male Parent
T. monococcum L. ssp. aegilopoides G2528
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceDubcovsky J and Dvorak J (1995) Ribosomal RNA multigene loci: nomads of the Triticeae genomes. Genetics 140:1367-1377.
ReferenceDubcovsky J et al. (1995) Differentiation between homoeologous chromosomes 1A of wheat and 1Am of Triticum monococcum and recognition of homology by the Ph1 locus of wheat Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 92:6645-6649.
ReferenceVan Deynze AE et al. (1995) Molecular-genetic maps for group 1 chromosomes of Triticeae species and their relation to chromosomes in rice and oat. Genome 38:45-59.
Dubcovsky, Jorge
Mapping population comprised 76 F`3` individuals from a cross between accessions from Turkey (G1777) and Iran. Position of centromere was inferred from mapping T. monococcum/wheat ditelosomic substitution lines. A common set of probes mapped on the short arm of chromosome 1 in this and another population of T. monococcum and on 1BS in populations of T. aestivum and T. turgidum revealed colinear loci. However, the XNor locus was more distal in T. monococcum, compared to the other species.
XNor location on group 1 chromosomes
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