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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, AxHs/QTL

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Map Data
Barley, AxHs/QTL
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Hordeum vulgare
Apex (barley)
ISR101-23 (barley)
Map Units
cM, Kosambi
ReferencePillen K et al. (2003) Advanced backcross QTL analysis in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Theoretical and Applied Genetics 107:340-352.
Pillen, Klaus
This is the first described advanced-backcross QTL using spring barley as a model, and is the first barley QTL study based exclusively on SSR markers. The mapping population was created from a cross between Hordeum vulgare (Apex) and Hordeum spontaneum (ISR-101-23) followed by 2 cycles of backcrossing with Apex and one cycle of selfing. 136 randomly chosen individuals were used for genotyping and these were subsequently bulk propagated for field testing; BC2F2:5 in 1999, and BC2F2:6 in 2000.
13 quantitative traits were measured in up to 6 environments (3 sites over 2 years), resulting in 86 putative QTLs among 585 marker x trait combinations.
SSR markers polymorphic between the parents but failing to show the ISR101-23 allele in the BC2F2 population are assigned an 'Error 1' to their map position resulting in placement on the map in a column to the right of markers with both alleles found in the BC2F2 population. QTLs are in the right-most column on the interactive maps.
Data Curator
Carollo, Victoria6.03
Trait Study
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Above ground biomass, Pillen03
Days until heading, Pillen03
Ears per square meter, Pillen03
Harvest index, Pillen03
Height, Pillen03
Kernels per ear, Pillen03
Lodging at flowering, Pillen03
Lodging at harvest, Pillen03
Malt tenderness, Pillen03
Protein content, Pillen03
Thousand-grain weight, Pillen03
Water absorption, Pillen03
Yield, Pillen03
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