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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, LxV

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Map Data
Barley, LxV
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Hordeum vulgare
Female Parent
L94 (barley)
Male Parent
Vada (barley)
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceQi X et al. (1998) Use of locus-specific AFLP markers to construct a high-density molecular map in barley. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 96:376-384.
Qi, Xiaoquan
103 RILs (F9), descended by single-seed descent from the cross of L94 and Vada, were scored for qualitative traits (auricle and seed color and seed coverage) and resistance to Erysiphe graminis. The primer pair KV1 and KV9 was used as an STS marker for the Hor2 locus, with polymorphism detected by digestion with HaeIII. Total genomic DNA from each line was amplified with 25 primer combinations to produce 563 scoreable bands. Of 568 markers, L94 alleles were dominant at 286 loci, Vada alleles were dominant at 281, and the alleles of the STS were codominant. Using JOINMAP, 21 linkage groups were formed at LOD 7. Eighteen (including all but 5 of the markers) could be assigned to chromosomes, based on 38 locus-specific markers that were common to this study and the Proctor x Nudinka map.
Barley AFLP E32/M61 autoradiogram
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dmloMapped_by_functionmlo (Hordeum)
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