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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Oat, MxN, genetic 2005

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Map Data
Oat, MxN, genetic 2005
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Avena sativa
Female Parent
MN841801-1 (oat)
Male Parent
Noble-2 (oat)
Map Units
cM (Haldane)
ReferencePortyanko VA et al. (2005) Quantitative trait loci for partial resistance to crown rust, Puccinia coronata, in cultivated oat, Avena sativa L. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 111:313-324.
Rines, Howard W.
Portyanko, Vladimir A.
An oat genetic map generated using a population of 158 F6-derived oat recombinant inbred lines (RILs) from a cross of a partial resistance line MN841801-1 by a susceptible cultivar selection Noble-2. Constructed using Mapmaker version 3.0. LOD threshold of 3.0 was required for linkage mapping (Haldane mapping function). Each AFLP marker name included a Keygene code (http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/ggpages/keygeneAFLPs.html) for the PstI/MseI primer combination followed by a letter referencing the parental source of the fragment (m refers to MN841801-1, and n refers to Noble-2) and the number of a polymorphic band determined for each primer combination starting from the top of the gel. The RFLP loci were designated following Wight et al. (2003, 2004). Multiple polymorphic loci detected by an RFLP probe in MN841801-1 Noble-2 were differentiated by addition of an x, y, and z, based on fragment size, with x representing the largest polymorphic fragment in either parent.
Submitted to GrainGenes 6 June, 2005.
Mapping scores: MN841801 = 0; Noble = 1; missing data = 3
aco11800001310110011110010000111110100000111101101133000 00313103031010010100001101011110130131000100111000 00010030300131311110131100111033113101031031310030 00000001
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