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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Rye, Hannover

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Map Data
Rye, Hannover
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Secale cereale
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceSenft P and Wricke G (1996) An extended genetic map of rye (Secale cereale L.) Plant Breeding 115:508-510.
ReferencePhilipp U et al. (1994) A linkage map of rye Theoretical and Applied Genetics 88:243-248.
Wricke, Guenter
Self-fertile plants from a synthetic population were selfed once to produce inbred (I`0.1`) lines. A cross was made between two such lines that were polymorphic at 11 isozyme loci. From one selfed F1-plant, an F2 population of 137 individuals was used for mapping.
Two-point linkage analyses were performed with LINKAGE software, and map distances were calculated with MAPMAKER and a LOD score of 3.0. The maps presented were derived by JOINMAP 1.4 integration of results from this F2 population with those from the I`0.1` population of Philipp et al. (TAG-88-243).
Because of distorted segregation in linkage group 1R, the two 1R maps were not integrated. Secale-Wricke-1R is based only on the F2 mapping population; Secale-Philipp-1R is based only on the I`0.1` population of Philipp et al.
Maps A and B represent linkage groups not located to particular chromosomes. Linkages > 40 cM are displayed as 50 cM.
Centromere locations were deduced from information from Xpsr-markers.
6-Pgd3Mapped_by_functionPgd3 (Secale)
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