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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Triticum, CS-G1777 DS1A^m^(1A) RSL

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Map Data
Triticum, CS-G1777 DS1A^m^(1A) RSL
Triticum aestivum
Triticum monococcum
Female Parent
Chinese Spring-T. monococcum Disomic Substitution 1A^m^(1A)
Male Parent
Chinese Spring
Map Units
cM, Kosambi
ReferenceVan Deynze AE et al. (1995) Molecular-genetic maps for group 1 chromosomes of Triticeae species and their relation to chromosomes in rice and oat. Genome 38:45-59.
ReferenceDubcovsky J et al. (1995) Differentiation between homoeologous chromosomes 1A of wheat and 1Am of Triticum monococcum and recognition of homology by the Ph1 locus of wheat Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 92:6645-6649.
Dubcovsky, Jorge
Dvorak, Jan
(1) Data type: Recombinant Substitution lines (RSL) between chromosomes 1A^m^ from T. monococcum ssp. aegilopoides G1777 and chromosome 1A from the ph1b mutant of Chinese Spring (in Chinese Spring background). The 96 monosomic-RSLs were obtained in the absence of the ph1 gene. The centromere was mapped by Triticum monococcum 1A telocentrics. Markers were ordered with MapMaker (completely linked loci were merged).
(2) DS1A^m^(CS1A) is not a complete substitution of 1 A^m^. It was recombined in the presence of Ph1b with CS distal to XksuG34. As a result, this map can not include markers distal to XksuG34.
(3) Short arm markers completely linked to psr161: Group A: Xbcd762, Xcdo1188, Xpsr381, Xpsr937, Xtam52. Group B: Xbcd446, Xbcd1072, Xbcd1796, Xpsr168, Xwg811=Xwg789, Xcdo658. Groups A and B are separated by a spontaneous breakpoint in 1 RSL.
(4) h = Chinese Spring allele, a = T. monococcum allele, - = missing data or recombination 1A-1D.
Dubcovsky, 1995 Fig. 1b
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