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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Wheat, Synthetic x Opata, SSR

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Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata, SSR
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Triticum aestivum
Female Parent
Altar84/Ae. squarrosa (219) CIGM86.940
Male Parent
Opata M 85
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceRoder MS et al. (1998) A microsatellite map of wheat Genetics 149:2007-2023.
Roeder, Marion S.
Wendehake, Katja
Korzun, Victor N.
Leroy, Philippe
Mapping was performed in recombinant inbred lines derived by single-seed descent (F8) from the cross of the synthetic hexaploid, W7984, x Opata M 85. RI line numbers 1 - 60 and 62 - 115 were used.
Microsatellite loci were integrated into a framework map of 302 RFLPs, using the 'PLACE' command in MAPMAKER 2.0. Marker positions within chromosomes were determined with the 'TRY' and 'RIPPLE' commands. In a few cases, nulli-tetrasomic analysis was used to locate microsatellite loci.
Most (80%) of the microsatellite primers detected a single locus in T. aestivum. Sixty-five microsatellite loci were integrated into the framework map at LOD > 2.5; 214 others were assigned to most-likely intervals.
Mapping scores: Opata = 0, Synthetic = 1, Heterozygote = 2, missing data = 3
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Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 1 maps
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 2 maps
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 3 maps
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 4 maps
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 5 maps
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 6 maps
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-SSR group 7 maps
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