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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Wheat, Synthetic x Opata

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Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-1A  [ GBrowser ]
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External Databases
Triticum aestivum
Female Parent
Altar84/Ae. squarrosa (219) CIGM86.940
Male Parent
Opata M 85
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceMarino CL et al. (1996) Molecular genetic maps of the group 6 chromosomes of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell) Genome 39:359-366.
ReferenceVan Deynze AE et al. (1995) Molecular-genetic maps for group 1 chromosomes of Triticeae species and their relation to chromosomes in rice and oat. Genome 38:45-59.
ReferenceNelson JC et al. (1995) Molecular mapping of wheat. Homoeologous group 2. Genome 38:516-524.
ReferenceNelson JC et al. (1995) Molecular mapping of wheat. Homoeologous group 3. Genome 38:525-533.
ReferenceNelson JC et al. (1995) Molecular mapping of wheat. Major genes and rearrangements in homoeologous groups 4, 5, and 7 Genetics 141:721-731.
Van Deynze, Allen E.
Sorrells, Mark E.
Nelson, James C.
Hart, Gary E.
Leroy, Philippe
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150 F7 lines were derived by single-seed descent. Mapping was carried out in 114 lines, numbers 1 - 60 and 62 - 115, except for group 6 which was mapped with lines 1 - 115.
The map was constructed with Mapmaker version 2.0. For the maps of homoeologous groups 2 and 3 a LOD threshold of 2.0 was required for placement on the framework; for the other groups a LOD of 3.0 was required. Markers with lower LOD values were assigned to intervals. Framework markers are highlighted in yellow on the maps. Markers were assigned to chromosomes and arms based on the hybridization patterns of their probes with Chinese Spring nullitetrasomic and ditelosomic stocks.
Group 6 markers assigned to intervals are listed in alphabetical order rather than their most likely order, except for a few markers in the centromeric intervals whose arm locations are known.
The chromosome 6D map is a successor to the one given in the reference cited, due to revision of the Xcdo170-6D data set. From Gary Hart, April, 1998.
ERRATA: Subsequent data from J.C. Nelson based on Chinese Spring nullitetrasomic stocks has moved several of the markers at the ends of 2AS, 3AL and 4AL to other chromosomes. From 2AS, loci from Xbcd348.1 to Xcdo447 are moved to the end of 2BS. From 3AL, loci from Xabc172.2 to Xbcd451 are moved to the end of 3DS. From 4AL, loci from Xbcd129 to Xbcd1975 are moved to the end of 7DS. For a map reflecting these changes see Map_Data 'Wheat, Synthetic x Opata, SSR'.
114 125 0 symbols 1=A 0=B C=C D=D 2=H 3=-
1 = W7984 Synthetic, 0 = Opata M 85.
1B physical vs. genetic maps
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Trait Study
Adult plant type, Li02
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Glu-A100000013000110111000110001000111101000011110011110 00110130110113301303000101100310133011111030000101 10101030130013
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