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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Wheat, Synthetic x Opata

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Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Ta-Synthetic/Opata-1A  [ GBrowser ]
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External Databases
External Databases
Triticum aestivum
Female Parent
Altar84/Ae. squarrosa (219) CIGM86.940
Male Parent
Opata M 85
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceMarino CL et al. (1996) Molecular genetic maps of the group 6 chromosomes of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell) Genome 39:359-366.
ReferenceVan Deynze AE et al. (1995) Molecular-genetic maps for group 1 chromosomes of Triticeae species and their relation to chromosomes in rice and oat. Genome 38:45-59.
ReferenceNelson JC et al. (1995) Molecular mapping of wheat. Homoeologous group 2. Genome 38:516-524.
ReferenceNelson JC et al. (1995) Molecular mapping of wheat. Homoeologous group 3. Genome 38:525-533.
ReferenceNelson JC et al. (1995) Molecular mapping of wheat. Major genes and rearrangements in homoeologous groups 4, 5, and 7 Genetics 141:721-731.
Van Deynze, Allen E.
Sorrells, Mark E.
Nelson, James C.
Hart, Gary E.
Leroy, Philippe
150 F7 lines were derived by single-seed descent. Mapping was carried out in 114 lines, numbers 1 - 60 and 62 - 115, except for group 6 which was mapped with lines 1 - 115.
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1B physical vs. genetic maps
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Trait Study
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Adult plant type, Li02
Alkaline water retention capacity, Nelson06
Alveogram L, Nelson06
Alveogram P/L, Nelson06
Alveogram Pmax, Nelson06
Alveogram W, Nelson06
Days to heading, Li02
Days to heading, Nelson95
Flour protein, Nelson06
Flour yield, Nelson06
Grain hardness, Nelson06
Grain protein, Nelson06
Karnal bunt, Nelson98
Kernel color, Nelson95
Lactic acid retention, Nelson06
Leaf rust, Nelson97
Milling overs, Nelson06
Mixogram traits, Nelson06
Pelshenke score, Nelson06
Plant height, Nelson95
Powdery mildew, Nelson96
Red coleoptile, Nelson95
SDS sedimentation, Nelson06
Seedling growth habit, Li02
Softness equivalent, Nelson06
Spike length, Li02
Spikelet number, Li02
Stem rust, Nelson95
Stripe rust, Singh99
Tan spot, Faris95
Tiller number, Li02
Vitreous kernels, Nelson95
Zeleny score, Nelson06
Glu-A100000013000110111000110001000111101000011110011110 00110130110113301303000101100310133011111030000101 10101030130013
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