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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Wheat, Chinese Spring x SQ1

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Map Data
Wheat, Chinese Spring x SQ1
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Triticum aestivum
Chinese Spring
Map Units
cM (Haldane)
ReferenceQuarrie SA et al. (2005) A high-density genetic map of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) from the cross Chinese Spring x SQ1 and its use to compare QTLs for grain yield across a range of environments Theoretical and Applied Genetics 110:865-880.
Quarrie, Steve A.
Snape, John
Doubled haploid population made using the maize pollination method during 1991 and 1992. Originally 152 lines were produced, of which only 96 were selected for making the genetic map. One line (CSDH77) became sterile, so the majority of markers were scored with 95 DHLs. The data have been thoroughly quality controlled, rechecking original gels and rechecking several times the order of markers within linkage groups, first using MapMaker and afterwards by eye, using previously published marker orders as anchors. Suspicious scores (DNA contamination, poorly visible bands, probable mistakes in track orders, etc) have been largely eliminated and replaced by '-'. In consequence, marker orders within linkage groups should be as near as humanly possible correct! However, note that gwm356 (2AL) and gwm325 (6BS) do not map to the locations reported by others. The version of the map currently in use with locations for 639 markers dates from November, 2004 (map dataset CSDH 11.04 map). A reduced set of 448 markers (excluding duplicate loci and markers of low information content) is in use for QTL analysis (CSDH 11.04r map). Chromosome 4A is shown with the long arm at the top and the short arm (homoeologous with 4BL and 4DL) at the bottom.
Submitted to GrainGenes 15 January 07.
Mapping scores: Chinese Spring=A; SQ1=B; missing data='-'
Trait Study
Yield, Quarrie05
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