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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009

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Map Data
Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009
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Hordeum vulgare
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L94 (barley)
Vada (barley)
SusPtrit (barley)
Steptoe (barley)
Morex (barley)
Wolfe Multiple Dominant
Wolfe Multiple Recessive
Igri (barley)
Franka (barley)
Cebada Capa (barley)
Nure (barley)
Tremois (barley)
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
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ReferenceAghnoum R et al. (2009) Basal host resistance of barley to powdery mildew: connecting quantitative trait loci and candidate genes Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23:91-102.
ReferencePotokina E et al. (2008) Gene expression quantitative trait locus analysis of 16 000 barley genes reveals a complex pattern of genome-wide transcriptional regulation. Plant Journal 53:90.
ReferenceMarcel TC et al. (2007) A high-density consensus map of barley to compare the distribution of QTLs for partial resistance to Puccinia hordei and of defence gene homologues. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114:487-500.
ReferenceStein N et al. (2007) A 1000 loci transcript map of the barley genome - new anchoring points for integrative grass genomics Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114:823-839.
ReferenceVarshney RK et al. (2007) A high density barley microsatellite consensus map with 775 SSR loci. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114:1091.
ReferenceWenzl P et al. (2006) A high-density consensus map of barley linking DArT markers to SSR, RFLP and STS loci and agricultural traits BMC Genomics 7:206.
Niks, Rients E.
Marcel, Thierry C.
An integrated map of barley was constructed based on four doubled haploid (DH) populations and three recombinant inbred line (RIL) populations. This map is an improved version of a previous map integration reported by Marcel et al (2007), including published SSR markers (Varshney et al. 2007), DArT markers (Wenzl et al 2006), EST-based markers (Stein et al 2007) and TDM markers (Potokina et al. 2008). The present integrated map contains 6,990 markers spanning 1,093 centiMorgans (cM). The integrated map was divided into 217 BINs of about 5 cM each.
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