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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Diploid Oat, AFLP

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Map Data
Diploid Oat, AFLP
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Avena strigosa
Avena wiestii
Avena strigosa CIav3815
Avena wiestii CIav1994
Map Units
cM, Kosambi
ReferenceYu GX and Wise RP (2000) An anchored AFLP- and retrotransposon-based map of diploid Avena Genome 43:736-749.
http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/ggpages/Wise_2X_Avena/Data in Map Manager format, .PDFs of the map drawings
Wise, Roger P.
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The diploid Avena population was made by crossing A. strigosa with A. wiestii and 100 F8:9 lines were derived by single-seed descent from a F6:8 RI population.
A. strigosa is resistant to 40 isolates of Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae (crown rust) via the Pca locus which contains at least 5 tightly linked genes. This study targeted the Pca cluster by bulk-segregant AFLP analysis.
Polymorphic DNA fragments amplified by AFLP primers were scored separately from top to bottom on the gels. Loci were named using the names of the primer pairs, the fragment position on the gel, and the parental specificity. Fragments specific to Avena strigosa CIav3815 were labeled 'a' and fragments specific to Avena wiestii CIav1994 were labeled 'b'. Note: the probe names have been changed to reflect the KeyGene standard primer nomenclature.
MAP MANAGER v.2.6.6 sorted the initial framework markers with the command 'rearrange'. The command 'link' combined with double-crossover analysis inserted additional markers into the linkage groups.
Data was 'exported' for MAPMAKER and MAPMAKER v.2.0 calculated map distances using the Kosambi correction. Markers were ordered at a LOD of 6.0, and distantly linked markers were added with a LOD of 3.0.
Updates of the scoring data are available from Roger Wise, rpwise@iastate.edu.
Data Curator
Hane, David
Carollo, Victoria
Avena AFLP primer table
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