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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, Consensus 2006, Marcel

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Map Data
Barley, Consensus 2006, Marcel
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Hordeum vulgare
Map Units
cM (Kosambi)
ReferenceMarcel TC et al. (2007) A high-density consensus map of barley to compare the distribution of QTLs for partial resistance to Puccinia hordei and of defence gene homologues. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114:487-500.
Niks, Rients E.
Marcel, Thierry C.
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Mapping population 1 = 103 RILs (F9), cross of L94 and Vada (LxV)
Mapping population 2 = 152 RILs (F8), cross of Vada and SusPtrit (VxSu)
Mapping population 3 = 150 DHs, cross of Steptoe and Morex (StxM)
Mapping population 4 = 94 DHs, Oregon Wolfe Barleys (OWB)
Mapping population 5 = 71 DHs, cross of Igri and Franka (IxF)
Mapping population 6 = 113 RILs (F8), cross of Cebada Capa and SusPtrit (CCxSu)
A consensus map of barley was constructed based on three reference doubled haploid (DH) populations and three recombinant inbred line (RIL) populations. Several sets of microsatellites were used as bridge markers in the integration of those populations previously genotyped with RFLP or with AFLP markers. The present consensus map contains 3,258 markers spanning 1,081 centiMorgans (cM) with an average distance between two adjacent loci of 0.33 cM. The consensus map was divided into 210 Bins of about 5 cM each.
Bin number on 'Barley, Consensus 2006, Marcel' is 'chromosome_Kleinhofs and Graner Bin number.subBin number
Submitted to GrainGenes 19 August 2006.
Data Curator
Carollo, Victoria2007.08
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