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GrainGenes Pathology Report: Sharp Eyespot

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Sharp Eyespot
Host Species
Triticum aestivum
Hordeum vulgare
Secale cereale
Avena sativa
Causal Organism
Rhizoctonia cerealis
Rhizoctonia solani
Initial infection occurs near base of plants from either soilborne sclerotia or infested residue. Outer leaf sheath of infected culms develop light brown elliptical shaped lesions surrounded by a thin, dark, necrotic border, and often resemble strawbreaker foot rot lesions. Severely infected seedlings may die, but most infected plants survive to maturity. Surviving plants ripen prematurely and often exhibit white heads bearing shriveled kernels. Lodging of infected plants occurs from the second or third internode. Oats, barley and rye are alternative hosts.
Eyespot symptoms caused by Rhizoctonia spp....
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