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GrainGenes Probe Report: BA00149712_KASP

[Submit comment/correction] [What is a probe?]Probes originated as records of the single stranded molecules used in RFLP mapping. This term has expanded to include PCR primers and SNPs.

Note: Probe report page includes probe information, gene models, PCR Primers, and SNPs.

General Remarks
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SNP = C51T
SNP type = homoeologous
KASP primer type = chromosome_semispecific
KASP product orientation = forward
Tm of KASP primer A = 57.478
Tm of KASP primer B = 57.025
Tm of common KASP primer = 58.829
PCR product size = 64 bp
PCR primers
KASP primer A 5' ataagtacagggtgCgacttC
KASP primer B 5' ataagtacagggtgCgacttT
KASP Common Primer 5' ccaccttggtgatgagCttG
Source Species
Triticum aestivum

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