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GrainGenes Probe Report: WMC546

[Submit comment/correction] [What is a probe?]Probes originated as records of the single stranded molecules used in RFLP mapping. This term has expanded to include PCR primers and SNPs.

Note: Probe report page includes probe information, gene models, PCR Primers, and SNPs.

WMC546  [ Marker Report ]
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ReferenceSomers DJ and Isaac P (2004) SSRs from the Wheat Microsatellite Consortium.
General Remarks
Wheat Microsatellite Consortium Project 1, Plate reference 26g7
Donor: Momont
Trimmed to insert at 5' end and to Ssp1 at 3' end. Bases 172 to 202 (complement) show homology to 22d9 bases 22 to 52 (31 in longest run, maxScore = 58). Reverse has 4 mismatches to 22d9, forward primer no obvious match. (CA)9 95 to 112, (CA)8 115 to 130.
PCR primers
Forward cggcTAAAATcgTAcAcTAcAcA at 12 length 23 bases, Tm 61
Reverse cTcAcTTgcAcgATTTcccTAT at 141 length 22 bases, Tm 62
SSR size
151 bases expected, Chinese Spring
Amplification Conditions
61C anneal, polymorphic on acrylamide (110-170 bases, complex).
Source Species
Triticum aestivum
Data Source
Somers, Daryl J.2004.06
Isaac, Peter G.2004.06

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