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GrainGenes QTL Report: QCdc.durum-2B

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Trait Affected
Cadmium content
TO:0006059Planteomecadmium content trait
Trait Study
Cadmium content, durum breeding lines, Salsman2016
Positive Significant Marker
type of mapping = GWAS-QTL
Curator note (VCB 3/2019): The IWA8128 marker that is reported in the Triticum turgidum ssp. durum Svevo RefSeq 1.0 genome assembly has the synonym Ra_rep_c106727_90434958. The Ra_rep_c106727_90434958 marker, while found significant in a bi-parental RIL population described in AbuHammad et al., 2016 (MBR-36:112), was found not to be significant in the larger GWAS population described in Salsman et al., 2016 (MBR-38:28). See the QCdc.durum-5B QTL report page for significant markers for Cadmium content in the durum breeding population.
Curator Note (VCB, 04/2019). QTL names and markers associated with this QTL are from two sources, the primary reference and information embedded in the QTL track of the GrainGenes genome browser for the Triticum turgidum ssp. durum cv. Svevo (RefSeq 1.0) assembly. QTL were initially curated by members of the International Durum Genome Sequencing Consortium who assigned the encoded QTL name and information on the assembly including computationally-aligned significant markers (SNPs, DArTs, SSRs). To curate this QTL for GrainGenes, the primary reference was reviewed, the original QTL name was synonymized, and original markers were added to the significant marker list shown on the QTL report page. GrainGenes users are advised to review the qtl track in the Svevo assembly for additional position information and confidence intervals, as well as the primary reference for additional statistics.
ReferenceSalsman E et al. (2018) Development and validation of molecular markers for grain cadmium in durum wheat Molecular Breeding 38:28.
ReferenceAbuHammad WA et al. (2016) Identification and validation of a major cadmium accumulation locus and closely associated SNP markers in North Dakota durum wheat cultivars Molecular Breeding 36.