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GrainGenes QTL Report: QTL0027_LR-Aoun_et_al__2016

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Trait Affected
Reaction to leaf rust
TO:0000439Planteomefungal disease resistance
TO:0020057Planteomewheat leaf rust disease resistance
TO:0020056Planteomebarley leaf rust disease resistance
TO:0020057Planteomewheat leaf rust disease resistance
Triticum turgidum ssp. durum
Curator Note (VCB, 04/2019). QTL names and markers associated with this QTL are from two sources, the primary reference and information embedded in the QTL track of the GrainGenes genome browser for the Triticum turgidum ssp. durum cv. Svevo (RefSeq 1.0) assembly. QTL were initially curated by members of the International Durum Genome Sequencing Consortium who assigned the encoded QTL name and information on the assembly including computationally-aligned significant markers (SNPs, DArTs, SSRs). To curate this QTL for GrainGenes, the primary reference was reviewed, the original QTL name was synonymized, and original markers were added to the significant marker list shown on the QTL report page. GrainGenes users are advised to review the qtl track in the Svevo assembly for additional position information and confidence intervals, as well as the primary reference for additional statistics.
ReferenceAoun M et al. (2016) Genome-wide association mapping of leaf rust response in a durum wheat worldwide Germplasm collection. Plant Genome 9:3.