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GrainGenes QTL Report: QTL2084_1B-Yaniv_et_al._2015

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Trait Affected
Reaction to Puccinia striiformis Westend.
TO:0000439Planteomefungal disease resistance
TO:0020055Planteomewheat stripe rust disease resistance
CO_321:0000179Planteomewheat stripe rust plant response trait
Associated Gene
Yr15 (Triticum)
(Curator Note: VCB, May 2019) QTL included in the durum Svevo genome browser and has only undergone primary curation. A secondary curation by the GrainGenes team will follow and synonyms will be created to reflect the original locus name. Those records will include significant markers
ReferenceYaniv E et al. (2015) Evaluation of marker-assisted selection for the stripe rust resistance gene Yr15, introgressed from wild emmer wheat. Molecular Breeding 35:1-12.