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GrainGenes Reference Report: TAG-103-518

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Comparative genetic analysis of the Aegilops longissima and Ae. sharonensis genomes with common wheat
Theoretical and Applied Genetics
Zhang H
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Summary: Aegilops longissima Schw. et Musch. (2n=2x=14, S(1)S(1)) and Aegilops sharonensis Eig. (2n=2x=14, S(1)S(1)) are diploid species belonging to the section Sitopsis in the tribe Triticeae and potential donors of useful genes for wheat breeding. A comparative genetic map was constructed of the Ae. longissima genome, using RFLP probes with known location in wheat. A high degree of conserved colinearity was observed between the wild diploid and basic wheat genome, represented by the D genome of cultivated wheat. Chromosomes 1S(1), 2S(1), 3S(1), 5S(1) and 6S(1) are colinear with wheat chromosomes 1D, 2D, 3D, 5D and 6D, respectively. The analysis confirmed that chromosomes 4S(1) and 7S(1) are translocated relative to wheat. The short arms and major part of the long arms are homoeologous to most of wheat chromosomes 4D and 7D respectively, but the region corresponding to the distal segment of 7D was translocated from 7S(1)L to the distal region of 4S(1)L. The map and RFLP markers were then used to analyse the genomes and added chromosomes in a set of 'Chinese Spring' (CS)/Ae. longissima chromosome additions. The study confirmed the availability of disomic CS/Ae. longissima addition lines for chromosomes 1S(1), 2S(1), 3S(1), 4S(1) and 5S(1). An as yet unpublished set of Ae. sharonensis chromosome addition lines were also available for analysis. Due to the gametocidal nature of Ae. sharonensis chromosomes 2S(1) and 4S(1), additions 1S(1), 3S(1), 5S(1), 6S(1) and 7S(1) were produced in a (4D)4S(1) background, and 2S(1) and 4S(1) in a euploid wheat background. The analysis also confirmed that the 4/7 translocation found in Ae. longissima was not present in Ae. sharonensis although the two wild relatives of wheat are considered to be closely related. The phenotypes of the Ae. sharonensis addition lines are described in an Appendix
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