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GrainGenes Reference Report: TAG-107-515

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Inheritance and localisation of resistance to Mycosphaerella graminicola causing septoria tritici blotch and plant height in the wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genome with DNA markers
Theoretical and Applied Genetics
Eriksen L
Borum F
Jahoor A
Resistance to the disease septoria tritici blotch of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), caused by the fungus Mycosphaerella graminicola (Fuckel.) J. Schrot in Cohn (anamorph Septoria tritici Roberge in Desmaz.) was investigated in a doubled-haploid (DH) population of a cross between the susceptible winter wheat cultivar Savannah and the resistant cultivar Senat. A molecular linkage map of the population was constructed including 76 SSR loci and 244 AFLP loci. Parents and DH progeny were tested for resistance to single isolates of M. graminicola in a growth chamber at the seedling stage, and to an isolate mixture at the adult plant stage, in field trials. A gene located at or near the Stb6 locus mapping to chromosome 3A provided seedling resistance to IPO323. Two complementary genes, mapping to chromosome 3A, one of which was the IPO323 resistance gene, were needed for resistance to the Danish isolate Riso97-86. In addition, a number of minor loci influenced the expression of resistance in the growth chamber. In the field, four QTLs for resistance to septoria tritici blotch were detected. Two QTLs, located on chromosomes 3A and 6B explained 18.2 and 67.9% of the phenotypic variance in the mean over two trials. Both these QTLs were also detected at the seedling stage with isolate Riso97-86, whereas isolate IPO323 only detected the QTL on 3A. Additionally, two QTLs identified in adult plants on chromosomes 2B and 7B were not detected at the seedling stage. Four QTLs were detected for plant height located on chromosomes 2B, 3A, 3B and on a linkage group not assigned to a chromosome. The major QTLs on 3A and on the unassigned linkage group were consistent over two trials, and the QTL on 3A seemed to be linked to a QTL for septoria tritici blotch resistance.
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Pubmed: 12783168
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