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GrainGenes Reference Report: EUP-213:41

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Genetics and molecular mapping of the naked grains in hexaploid oat
Ubert IP
Zimmer CM
Pellizzaro K
Federizzi LC
Nava IC
Avena sativa L. subsp. nudisativa has the ability to produce naked grains. Genetic studies on the naked trait of oat began over a century ago, but the genetic and molecular factors associated with the expression of this trait have not been fully clarified. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the naked trait in two oat populations of recombinant inbred lines (RILs), to determine the number of genes, to estimate the heritability, and to map genomic regions associated with the naked trait in hexaploid oat. Parental lines and RILs of each population were screened for the naked trait from plants grown in the field over a 2 year period. Based on the phenotypic data, the oat RILs were classed as naked, partially naked, partially hulled and hulled. In both populations and years, a great number of RILs showed variable expressivity for the naked trait. The genetic analysis indicated the action of a major gene (N1) with the action of modifying genes controlling the formation of naked grains. The results of the estimate of heritability show that environmental conditions do not have a great influence in determining the naked trait. The quantitative trait loci analysis detected a genomic region with a large effect on the naked trait that explained more than 50% of the phenotypic variation. Further studies are needed to validate the use of these molecular markers to assist breeding programs to select high quality and stable naked oat cultivars.
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