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GrainGenes Reference Report: TAG-125-1697

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A single nucleotide polymorphism at the Vrn-D1 promoter region in common wheat is associated with vernalization response.
Theoretical and Applied Genetics
Zhang J
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Facultative wheat varieties adapt to a particular environment. But the molecular basis for the facultative growth habit is not clear relative to winter and spring growth habit. Two sets of wheat varieties were chosen for this study. Set 1 comprised ten spring accessions and Set 2 comprised ten facultative accessions. All accessions had been tested by the previously described allele-specific markers and shown having the same allelic composition of vrn-A1 vrn-B1 Vrn-D1 and vrn-B3. Here we examined whether differences in growth habit might be associated with as yet unidentified sequence variation at Vrn-D1 locus. A region including the intron 1 deletion, the entire reading frame from a cDNA template and a part of promoter region of the dominant Vrn-D1 gene in each of the accessions was sequenced, and a single nucleotide polymorphism was found between facultative accessions and spring accessions in the CArG-box at the promoter region. The novel allele in facultative accessions was designated as Vrn-D1b. The investigation of an F2 population segregating for Vrn-D1b and Vrn-D1a (previously, Vrn-D1) in the greenhouse under long days without vernalization showed that the plants with Vrn-D1b homozygous allele headed 32 days later and had about three more leaves than the plants with Vrn-D1a homozygous allele. As Vrn-D1b has the same deletion in intron 1 as Vrn-D1a, and, in addition, a single nucleotide mutation at promoter region, and is associated with facultative growth habit, we suggest that the promoter mutation may modify the basal activity level of an allele of VRN1 that is already active (due to the loss of segments in intron 1). Our finding further supports that both the promoter and intron 1 regulatory affect vernalization response and work independently.
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DOI: 10.1007/s00122-012-1946-z
Vrn-D1a (Triticum)
Vrn-D1b (Triticum)

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