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GrainGenes Species Report: Avena sativa

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Avena sativa
Avena sativa L.
Map Data
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African Cereal Streak
American Grasshopper Damage
Anthoxanthum Mosaic
Army Cutworm Damage
Armyworm Damage
Ascochyta Leaf Spot
Aster Yellows
Bacterial Leaf Blight
Bacterial Stripe
Bacterial Stripe Blight
Barley Mosaic
Barley Stripe Mosaic
Barley Yellow Dwarf
Barley Yellow Striate Mosaic
Barley Yellow Stripe
Beet Ringspot
Bipolaris Culm Rot
Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid Damage
Black Chaff
Black Loose Smut
Black Mold
Black Stem
Black-Faced Leafhopper Damage
Blade Blight
Blast Injury
Brittle Root
Brome Mosaic
Brown Foot Rot
Brown Wheat Mite Damage
Cephalosporium stripe
Cercosporidium graminis (Fuckel) Deighton
Cereal Cyst Nematode
Cereal Leaf Beetle Damage
Cereal Tillering
Chinch Bug Damage
Chloris Striate Mosaic
Cocksfoot Mild Mosaic
Corn Leaf Aphid Damage
Covered Smut
Crown Rot
Crown Rust
Date Mite Damage
Deltocephalus inimicus Damage
Differential Grasshopper Damage
Downy Mildew
Early Death
English Grain Aphid Damage
Epicoccum nigrum
European Wheat Striate Mosaic
False Wireworm Damage
Flame Chlorosis Injury
Foot Rot
Frit Fly Damage
Frost Injury
Glassy Cutworm Damage
Grain Thrips Damage
Grass Thrips Damage
Gray Snow Mold
Greenbug Damage
Halo Blight
Halo Spot
Heat Stress Injury
Irrorate Leafhopper Damage
Lodging Injury
Maize Dwarf Mosaic
Maize Rough Dwarf
Maize Streak
Manganese Deficiency
Migratory Grasshopper Damage
Nitrogen Deficiency
Northern Cereal Mosaic
Oat Blue Dwarf
Oat Mosaic
Oat Necrotic Mottle
Oat Pseudorosette
Oat Sterile Dwarf
Oat Striate Mosaic
Oat Tubular
Oregon Wireworm
Ozone Injury
Pale Western Cutworm Damage
Phosphorus Deficiency
Physiologic Leaf Spot
Poa Semilatent
Potassium Deficiency
Powdery Mildew
Prarie Grain Wireworm
Pyrenophora Leaf Blotch
Pythium Root Rot
Red Leather Leaf
Redbacked Cutworm Damage
Rhizoctonia Root Rot
Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf
Rice Dwarf
Rice Hoja Blanca
Rice Stripe
Root Rot
Root-Gall Nematode
Root-Knot Nematode
Root-Lesion Nematode
Rose Grain Aphid Damage
Russian Aphid Damage
Russian Winter Wheat Mosaic
Ryegrass Mosaic
Sand Wireworm Damage
Seed Rot
Seedling Blight
Septoria Leaf Blight
Septoria Leaf Blotch of Oats
Sharp Eyespot
Southern Blight
Sprouting Injury
Stem Nematode
Stem Rust
Stubby-Root Nematode
Sulfur Deficiency
Thrips Damage
Twostriped Grasshopper Damage
Variegated Cutworm Damage
Victoria Blight
Wheat Streak Mosaic
Winter Grain Mite Damage
Wireworm Damage
Yellowheaded Cutworm Damage
Yellowheaded Leafhopper Damage
Zonate Eyespot
Oat CxI 1-15
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2 Point Data
Bethlehem, ZA
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05RAT22 (oat)
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