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GrainGenes Species Report: Hordeum vulgare

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Hordeum vulgare
Hordeum vulgare L.
Map Data
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5HS, Steptoe x Morex
Barley consensus
Barley consensus 2
Barley consensus 2003
Barley genes
Barley genes 2
Barley, 2012 9KSNP
Barley, 2017, IBSC Morex v1
Barley, 2019, IBSC Morex v2
Barley, Abiotic QTL Consensus
Barley, Agronomic QTL Consensus
Barley, AxHs/QTL
Barley, AxK
Barley, B73xCPI
Barley, BxGP
Barley, Cali-sib x BowmanBC, QTL
Barley, Cebada Capa x SusPtrit
Barley, Consensus 2005, SNP
Barley, Consensus 2006, DArT
Barley, Consensus 2006, Marcel
Barley, Consensus 2006, Stein
Barley, Consensus 2007, SSR
Barley, CxH
Barley, CxHs
Barley, CxS
Barley, Dicktoo x Morex
Barley, DxM, Dhn genes
Barley, FxS, FHB QTL
Barley, GxH
Barley, GxHN, SFNB
Barley, HN x H602, Sato2009
Barley, HxM/QTL
Barley, HxT basemap
Barley, Igri x Franka, SSR
Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009
Barley, IxF
Barley, IxF, Stein2006
Barley, IxT
Barley, IxT/QTL
Barley, KxM
Barley, L94 x Vada, 2006
Barley, Lina x H.spont, SNP
Barley, Lx41
Barley, LxHs
Barley, LxV
Barley, MxG
Barley, Nure x Tremois
Barley, OPA 2009, Consensus
Barley, OPA123-2008, Consensus
Barley, OWB
Barley, OWB, 2004
Barley, OWB, 2005
Barley, OWB, OPA2008
Barley, OWB, SNP
Barley, OWB, Stein2006
Barley, physical
Barley, Pilot OPA1, Consensus
Barley, PxN
Barley, Rika/Kombar NTNB, 6H
Barley, SFNB QTL 2017
Barley, Steptoe x Morex, SNP
Barley, Steptoe x Morex, SSAP
Barley, Steptoe x Morex, SSR
Barley, SxM
Barley, SxM basemap
Barley, SxM, Feed QTLs
Barley, SxM, Stein2006
Barley, TxB
Barley, TxE
Barley, USDA Core, 2014 Consensus
Barley, Vada x SusPtrit
Barley, VGxA
Barley, VGxTP
Barley, VxHs
Barley, Wise
Barley, Zhedar2, FHB QTL
Triticeae consensus
2,4-D Injury
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1H physical vs. genetic maps
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DNA Library
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2 Point Data
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0-20-246 CIho11979
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PSR100 H DraI
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