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GrainGenes Species Report: Secale cereale

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Secale cereale
Secale cereale L.
Map Data
Rye, Ds2 x RxL10
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African Cereal Streak
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1D.1R recombinants
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DNA Library
2 Point Data
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PSR100 R EcoRI
PSR100 R HindIII
PSR101 R EcoRI
PSR101 R HindIII
PSR102 R EcoRI
PSR102 R EcoRV
PSR102 R HindIII
PSR104 R EcoRI
PSR104 R EcoRV
PSR107 R EcoRI
PSR107 R EcoRV
PSR107 R HindIII
PSR108 R EcoRI
PSR108 R HindIII
PSR109 R EcoRI
PSR109 R EcoRV
PSR109 R HindIII
PSR112 R EcoRI
PSR112 R HindIII
PSR113 R EcoRI
PSR115 R EcoRI
PSR115 R HindIII
PSR116 R EcoRI
PSR116 R EcoRV
PSR116 R HindIII
PSR122 R HindIII
PSR125 R EcoRI
PSR125 R HindIII
PSR126 R EcoRI
PSR126 R EcoRV
PSR126 R HindIII
PSR128 R EcoRI
PSR128 R EcoRV
PSR128 R HindIII
PSR129 R DraI
PSR129 R EcoRI
PSR129 R EcoRV
PSR129 R HindIII
PSR129 R XbaI
PSR130 R EcoRI
PSR130 R EcoRV
PSR130 R HindIII
PSR131 R EcoRI
PSR131 R EcoRV
PSR131 R HindIII
PSR135 R EcoRI
PSR135 R EcoRV
PSR135 R HindIII
PSR137 R EcoRI
PSR137 R EcoRV
PSR137 R HindIII
PSR143 R EcoRI
PSR143 R EcoRV
PSR143 R HindIII
PSR144 R HindIII
PSR145 R EcoRI
PSR146 R EcoRI
PSR146 R EcoRV
PSR146 R HindIII
PSR150 R EcoRI
PSR150 R EcoRV
PSR150 R HindIII
PSR151 R EcoRI
PSR151 R EcoRV
PSR151 R HindIII
PSR153 R HindIII
PSR156 R EcoRI
PSR156 R EcoRV
PSR156 R HindIII
PSR158 R BglII
PSR158 R DraI
PSR158 R EcoRI
PSR158 R EcoRV
PSR158 R XbaI
PSR159 R DraI
PSR159 R EcoRI
PSR160 R EcoRI
PSR160 R EcoRV
PSR160 R HindIII
PSR161 R BglII
PSR161 R EcoRI
PSR161 R EcoRV
PSR161 R XbaI
PSR162 R EcoRI
PSR162 R EcoRV
PSR162 R XbaI
PSR163 R EcoRI
PSR163 R EcoRV
PSR163 R HindIII
PSR164 R EcoRI
PSR167 R EcoRI
PSR167 R EcoRV
PSR168 R BamHI
PSR168 R EcoRI
PSR170 R EcoRV
PSR172 R EcoRV
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