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GrainGenes Species Report: Triticum aestivum

Triticum aestivum
Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell. group aestivum
Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell.
Map Data
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2,4-D Injury
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1B physical vs. genetic maps
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DNA Library
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2 Point Data
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PSR100 2A HindIII
PSR100 2B DraI
PSR100 2B EcoRI
PSR100 2B EcoRV
PSR100 2B HindIII
PSR100 2D DraI
PSR100 2D EcoRI
PSR100 2D HindIII
PSR100 5A EcoRI
PSR100 5A HindIII
PSR100 5B DraI
PSR100 5B EcoRI
PSR100 5B EcoRV
PSR100 5B HindIII
PSR100 5D DraI
PSR100 5D EcoRI
PSR101 2A DraI
PSR101 2A EcoRI
PSR101 2A EcoRV
PSR101 2A HindIII
PSR101 2B DraI
PSR101 2B EcoRI
PSR101 2B EcoRV
PSR101 2B HindIII
PSR101 2D DraI
PSR101 2D EcoRI
PSR101 2D EcoRV
PSR101 2D HindIII
PSR102 2A DraI
PSR102 2A EcoRI
PSR102 2A EcoRV
PSR102 2A HindIII
PSR102 2B DraI
PSR102 2B EcoRI
PSR102 2B EcoRV
PSR102 2B HindIII
PSR102 2D DraI
PSR102 2D EcoRI
PSR102 2D EcoRV
PSR102 2D HindIII
PSR103 7A DraI
PSR103 7A EcoRI
PSR103 7A EcoRV
PSR103 7B DraI
PSR103 7B EcoRI
PSR103 7B EcoRV
PSR103 7D DraI
PSR103 7D EcoRI
PSR103 7D EcoRV
PSR104 4A EcoRI
PSR104 4A HindIII
PSR104 4B HindIII
PSR104 4D EcoRI
PSR104 4D HindIII
PSR105 7A BamHI
PSR105 7A BglII
PSR105 7B BamHI
PSR105 7B BglII
PSR105 7D BamHI
PSR105 7D BglII
PSR106 6A BamHI
PSR106 6A DraI
PSR106 6A EcoRI
PSR106 6B BamHI
PSR106 6B DraI
PSR106 6B EcoRI
PSR106 6D BamHI
PSR106 6D DraI
PSR106 6D EcoRI
PSR107 2A DraI
PSR107 2A EcoRI
PSR107 2A EcoRV
PSR107 2A HindIII
PSR107 2B DraI
PSR107 2B EcoRI
PSR107 2B EcoRV
PSR107 2B HindIII
PSR107 2D DraI
PSR107 2D EcoRI
PSR107 2D EcoRV
PSR107 2D HindIII
PSR108 2B DraI
PSR108 2B EcoRV
PSR108 2B HindIII
PSR108 2D DraI
PSR108 2D EcoRV
PSR108 2D HindIII
PSR109 2A DraI
PSR109 2A EcoRV
PSR109 2A HindIII
PSR109 2B DraI
PSR109 2B EcoRV
PSR109 2B HindIII
PSR109 2D DraI
PSR109 2D EcoRV
PSR109 2D HindIII
PSR112 2A DraI
PSR112 2A EcoRI
PSR112 2A EcoRV
PSR112 2A HindIII
PSR112 2B DraI
PSR112 2B EcoRI
PSR112 2B EcoRV
PSR112 2B HindIII
PSR112 2D DraI
PSR112 2D EcoRI
PSR112 2D EcoRV
PSR112 2D HindIII
PSR113 6A DraI
PSR113 6A EcoRI
PSR113 6B DraI
PSR113 6B EcoRI
PSR113 6B EcoRV
PSR113 6D DraI
PSR113 6D EcoRI
PSR115 4A DraI
PSR115 4A EcoRI
PSR115 4A EcoRV
PSR115 4A HindIII
PSR115 5B DraI
PSR115 5B EcoRI
PSR115 5B EcoRV
PSR115 5B HindIII
PSR115 5D DraI
PSR115 5D EcoRI
PSR115 5D EcoRV
PSR115 5D HindIII
PSR116 3A EcoRI
PSR116 3A EcoRV
PSR116 3A HindIII
PSR116 3A XbaI
PSR116 3B DraI
PSR116 3B EcoRI
PSR116 3B EcoRV
PSR116 3B HindIII
PSR116 3B XbaI
PSR116 3D DraI
PSR116 3D EcoRV
PSR116 3D HindIII
PSR116 3D XbaI
PSR117 3A DraI
PSR117 3A HindIII
PSR117 3B EcoRV
PSR117 3B HindIII
PSR117 3D HindIII
PSR117 7A DraI
PSR117 7A HindIII
PSR117 7B DraI
PSR117 7B HindIII
PSR117 7D DraI
PSR117 7D HindIII
PSR122 2A DraI
PSR122 2A EcoRI
PSR122 2A EcoRV
PSR122 2A HindIII
PSR122 2B DraI
PSR122 2B EcoRI
PSR122 2B EcoRV
PSR122 2B HindIII
PSR122 2D DraI
PSR122 2D EcoRI
PSR122 2D EcoRV
PSR122 2D HindIII
PSR125 3A DraI
PSR125 3A EcoRI
PSR125 3A EcoRV
PSR125 3A HindIII
PSR125 3B DraI
PSR125 3B EcoRI
PSR125 3B EcoRV
PSR125 3B HindIII
PSR125 3D DraI
PSR125 3D EcoRI
PSR125 3D EcoRV
PSR125 3D HindIII
PSR126 2A DraI
PSR126 2A EcoRI
PSR126 2A HindIII
PSR126 2B DraI
PSR126 2B EcoRI
PSR126 2B HindIII
PSR126 2D DraI
PSR126 2D EcoRI
PSR126 2D HindIII
PSR128 5A DraI
PSR128 5A EcoRI
PSR128 5A EcoRV
PSR128 5A HindIII
PSR128 5B DraI
PSR128 5B EcoRI
PSR128 5B EcoRV
PSR128 5B HindIII
PSR128 5D DraI
PSR128 5D EcoRI
PSR128 5D EcoRV
PSR128 5D HindIII
PSR129 7A DraI
PSR129 7A EcoRI
PSR129 7A EcoRV
PSR129 7A HindIII
PSR129 7B DraI
PSR129 7B EcoRI
PSR129 7B EcoRV
PSR129 7B HindIII
PSR129 7D DraI
PSR129 7D EcoRI
PSR129 7D EcoRV
PSR129 7D HindIII
PSR130 2A DraI
PSR130 2A EcoRV
PSR130 2A HindIII
PSR130 2B DraI
PSR130 2B EcoRI
PSR130 2B EcoRV
PSR130 2B HindIII
PSR130 2D DraI
PSR130 2D EcoRI
PSR130 2D EcoRV
PSR130 2D HindIII
PSR131 2A DraI
PSR131 2A EcoRI
PSR131 2A EcoRV
PSR131 2A HindIII
PSR131 2B DraI
PSR131 2B EcoRI
PSR131 2B EcoRV
PSR131 2B HindIII
PSR131 2D DraI
PSR131 2D EcoRI
PSR131 2D EcoRV
PSR131 2D HindIII
PSR135 2A DraI
PSR135 2A EcoRI
PSR135 2A EcoRV
PSR135 2A HindIII
PSR135 2B DraI
PSR135 2B EcoRI
PSR135 2B EcoRV
PSR135 2B HindIII
PSR135 2D DraI
PSR135 2D EcoRI
PSR135 2D EcoRV
PSR135 2D HindIII
PSR137 2A EcoRI
PSR137 2A EcoRV
PSR137 2A HindIII
PSR137 2B DraI
PSR137 2B EcoRI
PSR137 2B EcoRV
PSR137 2B HindIII
PSR137 2D DraI
PSR137 2D EcoRI
PSR137 2D EcoRV
PSR137 2D HindIII
PSR142 6A HindIII
PSR142 6B HindIII
PSR142 6D HindIII
PSR143 2A DraI
PSR143 2A EcoRV
PSR144 4A DraI
PSR144 4A EcoRI
PSR144 4A EcoRV
PSR144 4A HindIII
PSR144 4B DraI
PSR144 4B EcoRI
PSR144 4B EcoRV
PSR144 4B HindIII
PSR144 4D DraI
PSR144 4D EcoRI
PSR144 4D EcoRV
PSR144 4D HindIII
PSR145 5A EcoRI
PSR145 5B EcoRI
PSR145 5D EcoRI
PSR146 2A DraI
PSR146 2A EcoRI
PSR146 2A EcoRV
PSR146 2A HindIII
PSR146 2B DraI
PSR146 2B EcoRI
PSR146 2B EcoRV
PSR146 2B HindIII
PSR146 2D DraI
PSR146 2D EcoRI
PSR146 2D EcoRV
PSR146 2D HindIII
PSR149 6A EcoRV
PSR149 6A HindIII
PSR149 6B DraI
PSR149 6B EcoRV
PSR149 6B HindIII
PSR149 6D DraI
PSR149 6D EcoRV
PSR149 6D HindIII
PSR150 2A DraI
PSR150 2A HindIII
PSR150 2B DraI
PSR150 2B HindIII
PSR150 2D DraI
PSR150 2D EcoRI
PSR150 2D EcoRV
PSR150 2D HindIII
PSR150 5A DraI
PSR150 5A EcoRI
PSR150 5A HindIII
PSR150 5B DraI
PSR150 5B EcoRI
PSR150 5B HindIII
PSR150 7A EcoRV
PSR150 7A HindIII
PSR150 7B EcoRI
PSR150 7B EcoRV
PSR150 7B HindIII
PSR150 7D EcoRI
PSR150 7D EcoRV
PSR150 7D HindIII
PSR151 2A DraI
PSR151 2A EcoRV
PSR151 2A HindIII
PSR151 2B DraI
PSR151 2B EcoRV
PSR151 2B HindIII
PSR151 2D DraI
PSR151 2D EcoRV
PSR151 2D HindIII
PSR153 4A EcoRV
PSR153 4A HindIII
PSR153 4B EcoRV
PSR153 4B HindIII
PSR153 4D EcoRV
PSR153 4D HindIII
PSR156 3A DraI
PSR156 3A EcoRI
PSR156 3A EcoRV
PSR156 3B DraI
PSR156 3B EcoRI
PSR156 3B EcoRV
PSR156 3D DraI
PSR156 3D EcoRV
PSR158 1A DraI
PSR158 1A EcoRI
PSR158 1A EcoRV
PSR158 1B DraI
PSR158 1B EcoRI
PSR158 1B EcoRV
PSR158 1D DraI
PSR158 1D EcoRI
PSR158 1D EcoRV
PSR159 1A DraI
PSR159 1A EcoRI
PSR159 1A HindIII
PSR159 1B DraI
PSR159 1B EcoRI
PSR159 1B HindIII
PSR159 1D DraI
PSR159 1D EcoRI
PSR159 1D HindIII
PSR160 4A DraI
PSR160 4A EcoRI
PSR160 4A HindIII
PSR160 7A DraI
PSR160 7A EcoRI
PSR160 7A HindIII
PSR160 7D DraI
PSR160 7D EcoRI
PSR160 7D HindIII
PSR161 1A BamHI
PSR161 1A BglII
PSR161 1A DraI
PSR161 1A EcoRI
PSR161 1A EcoRV
PSR161 1A HindIII
PSR161 1A SstI
PSR161 1B BamHI
PSR161 1B BglII
PSR161 1B DraI
PSR161 1B EcoRI
PSR161 1B EcoRV
PSR161 1B HindIII
PSR161 1B SstI
PSR161 1D BamHI
PSR161 1D BglII
PSR161 1D DraI
PSR161 1D EcoRI
PSR161 1D EcoRV
PSR161 1D HindIII
PSR161 1D SstI
PSR162 1A BamHI
PSR162 1A EcoRI
PSR162 1A EcoRV
PSR162 1A SstI
PSR162 1B BamHI
PSR162 1B EcoRI
PSR162 1B EcoRV
PSR162 1B SstI
PSR162 1D BamHI
PSR162 1D EcoRI
PSR162 1D EcoRV
PSR162 1D SstI
PSR163 4A DraI
PSR163 4A EcoRI
PSR163 4A EcoRV
PSR163 4A HindIII
PSR163 4B DraI
PSR163 4B EcoRI
PSR163 4B EcoRV
PSR163 4B HindIII
PSR163 4D DraI
PSR163 4D EcoRI
PSR163 4D EcoRV
PSR163 4D HindIII
PSR164 4B EcoRV
PSR164 4D EcoRI
PSR164 4D EcoRV
PSR164 5A EcoRV
PSR167 5B HindIII
PSR167 6A EcoRI
PSR167 6B EcoRI
PSR167 6D EcoRI
PSR167 6D EcoRV
PSR168 1A BamHI
PSR168 1A BglII
PSR168 1A DraI
PSR168 1A EcoRI
PSR168 1A HindIII
PSR168 1A XbaI
PSR168 1B BamHI
PSR168 1B BglII
PSR168 1B DraI
PSR168 1B EcoRI
PSR168 1B HindIII
PSR168 1B XbaI
PSR168 1D BamHI
PSR168 1D BglII
PSR168 1D DraI
PSR168 1D EcoRI
PSR168 1D HindIII
PSR168 1D XbaI
PSR169 7A DraI
PSR169 7A EcoRI
PSR169 7A HindIII
PSR169 7B DraI
PSR169 7B EcoRI
PSR169 7B HindIII
PSR169 7D DraI
PSR169 7D EcoRI
PSR169 7D HindIII
PSR172 1A DraI
PSR172 5A DraI
PSR172 5B DraI
PSR172 5D DraI
PSR172 7A DraI
PSR172 7A EcoRV
PSR172 7B DraI
PSR172 7D DraI
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