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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: 100-kernel weight, Souza88

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Trait Study
100-kernel weight, Souza88
Kernel weight
ReferenceSouza E and Sorrells ME (1991) Relationships among 70 North American oat germplasms. I. Cluster analysis using quantitative characters. Crop Science 31:599-604.
Two independent grain samples per plot were weighed for 100 kernel weights.
Ithaca, N.Y., Souza88
Germplasm Score
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Advance (oat)3.68grams
Appaloosa (oat)3.54grams
Astro (oat)3.57grams
Banner (oat)3.38grams
Bates (oat)3.04grams
Bond (oat)3.28grams
Brooks (oat)3.11grams
Calibre (oat)3.74grams
Cascade PI4962523.72grams
Ceal (oat)3.73grams
Centennial (oat)3.51grams
Chilocco (oat)2.93grams
Cimarron (oat)3.01grams
Clintford (oat)3.18grams
Clintland 64 (oat)3.47grams
Coker 227 (oat)2.81grams
Coker 716 (oat)2.84grams
Corbit (oat)3.75grams
Cornellian (oat)3.4grams
Dal (oat)3.67grams
Donald (oat)3.19grams
Elan (oat)2.91grams
Fidler (oat)3.72grams
Florida 501 (oat)2.84grams
Fulghum (oat)2.99grams
Garry CIav66623.9grams
Gopher (oat)3.3grams
Green Mountain (oat)3.52grams
Hairy Culberson (oat)3.3grams
Hajira (oat)3.54grams
Hercules (oat)3.89grams
Hudson (oat)3.6grams
Joanette (oat)3.43grams
Kelsey (oat)3.28grams
Kherson (oat)3.38grams
Lamar (oat)3.59grams
Lancer (oat)3.23grams
Lang (oat)3.25grams
Mackinaw (oat)3grams
Marathon (oat)3.32grams
Marion (oat)3.85grams
Mesa (oat)3.4grams
Moore (oat)3.6grams
Multiline E77 (oat)3.2grams
Multiline M73 (oat)3.22grams
Nodaway 70 (oat)3.47grams
Norline CIav69033.12grams
Ogle (oat)3.51grams
Orbit (oat)3.45grams
Otana CIav92523.68grams
Otee (oat)3.14grams
Pierce (oat)3.59grams
Porter (oat)3.71grams
Red Rustproof (oat)3.21grams
Salem (oat)3.36grams
SD 790400 (oat)3.78grams
Shaw (oat)3.78grams
Sierra (oat)3.33grams
Spear (oat)3.56grams
TAM O-301 (oat)2.93grams
TAM O-312 (oat)3.06grams
Trispernia (oat)3.35grams
Walken (oat)3.42grams
White Tartar (oat)3.59grams
Windsor (oat)3.15grams
Winter Turf (oat)3.33grams
Wintok (oat)3.13grams
Woodstock (oat)3.8grams
Data Source
Sorrells, Mark E.
Souza, Ed

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