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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Days to heading, autumn, Laurie95

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Trait Study
Days to heading, autumn, Laurie95
Days to heading
ReferenceLaurie DA et al. (1995) RFLP mapping of five major genes and eight quantitative trait loci controlling flowering time in a winter x spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cross. Genome 38:575-585.
An autumn-sown field study. ('Days to heading, spring, Laurie95' describes a companion study sown in the spring.)
Flowering time (days to heading) was recorded when half the plants in the row had half the ear emerged from the flag leaf on the leading tiller. Day 1 was the day of ear emergence in the earliest flowering line.
Laurie, IxT, autumn
Parental Description
Igri (barley)winter cultivar
Triumph (barley)spring cultivar
Map Data
Barley, IxT/QTL
Population Size
Population Type
Doubled haploids (DH), produced by Hordeum bulbosum method, from F`1` of Igri x Triumph
QTL Analysis Method
Putative QTL were identified in a preliminary glasshouse experiment. Size of the effect of each putative QTL was estimated from groups of 10-15 individuals with nonrecombinant marker genotypes for chromosomal sections flanking that QTL. A model for additive gene effects was fitted to the field experiment using a least squares generation means approach. The standard error of the size of the effect was used in a t-test to test for significance of each QTL. A Chi-square test was used to test the goodness-of-fit of the additive model incorporating all significant QTL. All pairs of QTL were then tested for significant interactions.
Markers Tested
QTLs Found
Genetic R2
R2 Definition
R-squared is the proportion of the variance among lines that was explained by a multiple regression model containing all significant QTL and two-way interactions.
denso autumn
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