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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Flour color, ICARDA.93

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Trait Study
Flour color, ICARDA.93
Flour color
ReferenceSorrells ME et al. (1995) Relationships Among 81 Durum Genotypes based on RFLPs, Gliadins, Parentage, and Quality Traits Durum Wheat Quality in the Mediterranean Region. 249-262.
ReferenceWilliams P et al. (1986) Crop Quality Evaluation Methods and Guidelines 14.
Color is caused by carotenoid pigments, mainly xanthophyll, giving a yellow/amber color. Determined by extraction into n-butanol and spectroscopy at 440 nm. Reported as ppm pigment based on a graph of synthetic beta-carotene.
Tel Hadya, 1992
Germplasm Score
1181(Ari76-30) IC204
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Data Source
Sorrells, Mark E.95.9.15

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