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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Flour yield, Nelson06

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Trait Study
Flour yield, Nelson06
Kernel texture
Flour yield was measured at USDA Soft Wheat Regional Quality Laboratory in Wooster, OH (USA,) and INRA (Clermont-Ferrand, France).
Flour yield was determined as the proportion by weight of straight-grade flour recovered from a milled grain sample, adjusted to correspond to a sample ground at 14% moisture. SE-adjusted yield has been corrected for softness equivalent.
Clermont-Ferrand 1994
Clermont-Ferrand 1997
Tulelake 1995
Tulelake 1999
Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Population Size
Population Type
F7 single-seed-descent lines
QTL Analysis Method
Composite interval mapping with QTL Cartographer 2.50, using forward regression selection of 5 cofactors and an acceptance threshold of LOD 3.8.
Markers Tested
Composite interval map of wheat chromosome 5D for wheat quality traits in the ITMI population
Trait Score
Flour yield, Clermont-Ferrand 1994
Flour yield, Tulelake 1995
Flour yield, Tulelake 1999
SE-adjusted flour yield, Tulelake 1995
Data Source
Nelson, James C.

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