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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Grain Yield, Siripoonwiwat 96

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Trait Study
Grain Yield, Siripoonwiwat 96
ReferenceSiripoonwiwat W et al. (1996) Chromosomal regions associated with quantitative traits in oat. Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci 2.
Units: kg/ha
Machine harvest of 4.5 square-meter plots at Ithaca and 1.7 square-meter plots at Aberdeen.
Aberdeen 1992
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Parental Description
Kanota (oat)
Ogle (oat)792 kg/ha higher yield, ca. 30%
Map Data
Oat, KxO/QTL
Population Size
Population Type
Recombinant inbred
QTL Analysis Method
Linear regression
Population mean = 3005
Standard deviation = 337
Standard error = 37.0
Minimum = 1972
Maximum = 3734
Markers Tested
QTLs Found
Phenotypic R2
R2 Definition
R-squared is the proportion of the total phenotypic variance explained by a multiple regression model containing the three most significant loci (excluding loci that were linked to lateness or tallness): Xbcd897, Xbcd1235 and Xbcd1403A.
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Yield, KxO-1
Yield, KxO-10-a
Yield, KxO-10-b
Yield, KxO-12-a
Yield, KxO-12-b
Yield, KxO-13
Yield, KxO-15-a
Yield, KxO-15-b
Yield, KxO-16-a
Yield, KxO-16-b
Yield, KxO-16-c
Yield, KxO-16-d
Yield, KxO-17-a
Yield, KxO-17-b
Yield, KxO-17-c
Yield, KxO-17-d
Yield, KxO-17-e
Yield, KxO-17-f
Yield, KxO-17-g
Yield, KxO-18
Yield, KxO-19
Yield, KxO-20-a
Yield, KxO-20-b
Yield, KxO-20-c
Yield, KxO-20-d
Yield, KxO-20-e
Yield, KxO-20-f
Yield, KxO-20-g
Yield, KxO-22-a
Yield, KxO-22-b
Yield, KxO-22-c
Yield, KxO-22-d
Yield, KxO-22-e
Yield, KxO-22-f
Yield, KxO-22-g
Yield, KxO-23-a
Yield, KxO-23-b
Yield, KxO-24-a
Yield, KxO-24-b
Yield, KxO-24-c
Yield, KxO-24-d
Yield, KxO-24-e
Yield, KxO-24-f
Yield, KxO-24-g
Yield, KxO-24-h
Yield, KxO-25-a
Yield, KxO-25-b
Yield, KxO-25-c
Yield, KxO-25-d
Yield, KxO-26
Yield, KxO-27
Yield, KxO-28
Yield, KxO-29
Yield, KxO-3-a
Yield, KxO-3-b
Yield, KxO-3-c
Yield, KxO-3-d
Yield, KxO-3-e
Yield, KxO-3-f
Yield, KxO-30
Yield, KxO-32-a
Yield, KxO-32-b
Yield, KxO-32-c
Yield, KxO-32-d
Yield, KxO-33
Yield, KxO-36-a
Yield, KxO-36-b
Yield, KxO-36-c
Yield, KxO-4-a
Yield, KxO-4-b
Yield, KxO-4-c
Yield, KxO-6-a
Yield, KxO-6-b
Yield, KxO-7-a
Yield, KxO-7-b
Yield, KxO-7-c
Yield, KxO-7-d
Yield, KxO-7-e
Yield, KxO-8
Trait Score
Grain Yield at Aberdeen 1992
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