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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Peroxidase, Souza88

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Trait Study
Peroxidase, Souza88
Peroxidase activity
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
The peroxidase electrophoretic pattern was difficult to reproduce since many bands were not induced at high levels for each assay. The M and F bands (Px-5 and Px-6) (reference CGC-19-303) at Rf 0.95 and Rf 0.92 appeared consistently on each gel. Peroxidase activity at the Rf 0.58, 0.53, and 0.15 zones appeared sporadically. The Rf 0.38, 0.30, 0.27, and 0.24 zones were more reliable but not as consistent as the M and F bands. The Rf 0.27 and Rf 0.24 zones appear to be alternate allozymes and did not occur together in homozygous cultivars. According to Yen and Sadanaga (reference CGC-19-303), the gene symbols are as follows: Px-5a= active allele for the band F at the first locus, Px-5b= active allele for the band M at the first locus, Px-5c= inactive allele (null) at the first locus, Px-6a= active allele for the band M at the second locus, and Px-6b= inactive allele (null) at the second locus.
F = fast zone active
M = middle zone active
1 = activity at zone Rf 0.27
0 = activity at zone Rf 0.24
Germplasm Description
Advance (oat)
M   middle zone active
1   activity at zone Rf 0.27
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